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Thank you for your interest and Welcome to Move Strong Destin's ONLINE Transformation 31 program.

Now it's time to fully commit to the next 31 days and make the results you want in your life happen while getting massive results and finishing 2017 better then ever.

We have trained 1000's of clients with huge success over the years with every single one of our 6 week transformation programs selling out consecutively for the last 5 years straight.

The problem:

Selling out consecutively and helping 1000's of people change their life sounds great, and don't get me wrong it is, however......

Our mission is much bigger than that. Our mission is to help our Move Strong Destin "extended family" from all over the world, not just on the Emerald Coast of Florida. So this is where our transformation 31 program comes in.

So how does the Transformation 31 program work and what is the cost?

For our team members who come and train with us we have large group programs from $500, semi private coaching from $5000 and one on one coaching in the $15,000 range.....

Because we want to help 1000's more who may not be local or may not be able to come up with the $500-$15,000 You can jump on our online T31 program right now for phase 1 for one investment of only $59

Fair enough?

If you see that price and you are still just "thinking about it" I would have you consider that you may not want it as much as you say you do. 

However I know that's not you. You are an action taker that is ready to go to war with your current self and come out the victor, come out the best version of yourself and become unstoppable in your day to day life.

You can see before/afters and testimonials and a ton of POSITIVE REVIEWS and testimonial videos all over our Move Strong Destin FB page and plastering the walls of our teams pages. 

I want and expect you to succeed, because if you succeed, we ALL succeed. 

The training sessions are under an hour, some as short as 20 minutes, fast-paced and fun and they'll have you looking better and feeling better in no time.

I know our system works. We see it happen time and time again day after day. But it only works if you do. And if you are not committed to your goals or you are not coachable we can't help you. 

So here's what you get:

-You and 999 others will receive the full program directly to your inbox. 

-A full 31 days fully laid out for you with exactly what to do each and every day for maximum results in your body, health and mindset.

-Not a diet (a diet is something you can only do for a short amount of time and usually it's a horrible time) instead we will send you the building blocks of how to reach your goals with a maintainable way of eating that you can get continuous results long term that fits your lifestyle.

-A private email that you can contact myself or one of our trainers directly with any questions you may have. Unlike any other program where if you send a message a "email specialist" will most likely be answering, not a real coach that has trained 1000's of clients from all walks of life.

-Full email access also to customize and tweak Transformation 31 to your specific needs. This can be nutrition based, scaling training sessions to fit your ability, giving you variations for injuries or limitations. 

-This program can be done at your own home at your own pace or even at your gym of choice with little equipment needed. 

-You will also receive a 3 day detox recipe to get your receptors firing like new. This is completely optional and not necessary but we will send it so you can have it as a bonus.

-2 motivational emails to keep you accountable to your goals.

So no more thinking about it.....

Ask yourself, what can I accomplish over the course of 31 days? 

Am I happy with my results and the progress in my life the last 31 days? Could it be better?

Will you pass up the opportunity because you are scared?
Will you act on your intuition and make the leap of faith?

Click on the link below right now to secure your spot for the launch of Transformation 31.

The best is yet to come.

Committed to your success, 
Jason Kuhn
The Body Transformation Expert 

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